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Specimen and Secret

Author: Liu Weijian 2006-04-05

Life is like a dream, just memory left. It is cold and worm. Memory is stored disconnectedly. We just can share the segment, whatever is beautiful as water flowing, which finally are made specimen by us. Our happy will extend by making a specimen for ourselves.

History is only the result of mixing of public culture and attention. Ourselves story and past things is not history, but is old things. The past things is the private mark. They are disappeared in storing. Even if they public, they will also be a secret.

Time has another way to count which is superposing, iteration and extending. In our life, time become a pronoun of things, and become our memory code, so we can get ourselves past secret and public history.

Counting, which is keeping running secretly is waiting in searching exact result. Eventually this is counting in the certain things, and this ruin people confidence of self-determination, but start to count.

We are finding hope in count. When all of the things can't count, we only wait. Unknown become our strong energy, and unknown start to extend, and start to propagate-fantasy, hope, expectation......

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