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A Silent Movie by Zhou Tiehai Author: Zhou Tiehai, Zhang Qing 1996-12-01




第一幕 军事会议
Act One The Military Meeting

 (全景) 一名领导在上海前卫工商联合会地图前介绍战况。
Panorama A military officer in explaining the war situation in front of a map.(It’s a map
belonging to the Shanghai Avant-garde Business Association.)

(近景) 他指着S将军的位置。
Close shot He points at General S’ seat.

(字幕) 这个民用机场。
Subtitle This is a civilian airport exclusively.

(中景) 他严肃地说。
Mid shot He says seriously.

(字幕) 垄断着迎送各国博物馆馆长,评论家,画廊老板的任务.
Subtitle It has the monopoly to welcome museum directors, critics and gallery owners.

(近景) 他指着D将军的位置.
Close shot He points at general D’s seat.

(字幕) 这个军用机场,秘密迎送各国博物馆馆长,评论家,画廊老板.
Subtitle This is a military airport to secretly welcome museums presidents, critics and
gallery owners.

(中景) 他把手一挥.
Mid shot He waves his hand.

(字幕) 为了封碎他们对我们的长期封锁,我们必须立即行动起来,建造一个属于
Subtitle In order to smash their blockade against us forever, we must take action
immediately to build our own airport.

(中景) 参谋长说.
Mid shot Chief of Staff says.

(字幕) 同志们,没有自己的机场,便没有自己的一切.
Subtitle Comrades, we must remember we will have nothing without our own airport.


Zhou Tiehai



第二幕 咖啡馆
Act Two - The Cafeteria

 (中景) 咖啡馆内七八个人围坐在一起,气氛热烈。
Mid shot Inside the cafeteria a few people are having a discussion.

(近景) 一个人很激动在说话。
Close shot One of them explains.

(字幕) 要不断办展览,让大家都注意我们。
Subtitle We must continue having exhibitions to draw attention to ourselves.

(近景) 另一个人也很激动在说话。
Close shot Another one exclaims.

(字幕) 什么展览都要参加,只要有机会就上。
Subtitle No matter what kind of exhibition ,I’ll take part if I have a chance.

(近景) 一位女艺术家说。
Close shot A woman artist says.

(字幕) 要和批评家,记者搞好关系。
Subtitle We must establish close relationships with critics and journalists.


第三幕 看病
Act Three - In the Hospital

 (特写) 一块牌子上面写:“外国专家门诊”。
Close shot A sign reads: The foreign doctor’s outpatients.

(全景) 医院里,有许多人在等待外国专家的诊断,有一个护士在叫号,一个病
Panorama Three are many patients waiting for their medical check-up by the foreign
doctor. A nurse calls a number. A patient goes in.

(字幕) 15分钟之后。
Subtitle 15 minutes later.

(全景) 第一个病人出来,第二个病人进去。
Panorama The first patient comes out, a second patient goes in.

(字幕) 15分钟之后。
Subtitle 15 minutes later.

(全景) 第二个病人出来,第三个病人进去。
Panorama The second patient comes out, the third patient goes in.

(字幕) 15分钟之后。
Subtitle 15 minutes later.

(全景) 第三个病人出来,第四个病人进去。
Panorama The third patient comes out, the fourth patient goes in.

(近景) 诊室内,外国专家先看看X光片,并向病人询问病历,用听筒听病人的
Close shot Inside the room a foreign doctor examines the X-ray and asks for the patient’s
notes. She listens to his heart through a stethoscope and measures his blood

(中景) 护士叫号。
Mid shot The nurse calls a number.

 (字幕) 下一个。
Subtitle Next patient

(全景) 诊室外病人焦急地等待着。
Panorama Outside the hospital room the patients are waiting anxiously.



Zhou Tiehai




第四幕 艺术导游
Act Four - A Guided Tour

 (全景) 一名导游对三,四个外国人宣布日程安排。
Panorama A guide announces the schedule for a few foreigners.

(字幕) 上午先看A的作品,再看B的作品,下午看C的作品,再看D的作品,
Subtitle This morning we’ll go to A’s home to see his works. Then we’ll see B’s work.
In the afternoon we’ll go to see C’s works and then D’s works. We’ll see E’s
works in this evening.

(中景) 一外国人翻看手中旅游指南。
Mid shot A foreigner leafs through his guidebook.

(字幕) 我还想看X的作品。
Subtitle I want to see X’s work.

(中景) 导游解释说。
Mid shot The guide explains.

(字幕) X的画没意思。
Subtitle X’s work isn’t very interesting.

(中景) 另一外国人说。
Mid shot A foreigner says.

(字幕) 我想看Y。
Subtitle I want to see Y’s work.

(中景) 导游说。
Mid shot The guide says.

(字幕) Y?Y是谁?我没听说过。
Subtitle Y? Who is Y? I’ve never heard of him.

(中景) 一名外国人说。
Mid shot Another foreigner says.

(字幕) 听说Z是才华横溢的艺术家,是否可带我们去看看呢?
Subtitle I’ve heard that Z is an outstanding artist, shall we go and see his work as well?

(中景) 导游说。
Mid shot The guide says.

(字幕) Z?他住得很远,来不及了。
Subtitle Z lives far from here, we don’t have enough time.

 第五幕 电话诉衷肠
Act Five - Heart-felt Calls

 (近景) 一位艺术家跑到公用电话亭,打了五个电话。
Close shot An artist goes to a pay-phone and makes five calls.

(字幕) 你策划的任何展览我都愿参加。
Subtitle I’ll take part in any exhibition you have.


Zhou Tiehai



第六幕 你背叛我
Act Six - You Betrayed Me

 (近景) 一位批评家给一艺术家打电话。
Close shot A critic is calling on a artist.

(字幕) 近日那位外地评论家在本市活动情况如何?
Subtitle How about the critic from the other province? What’s he doing in my city?

(近景) 艺术家对话筒说。
Close shot An artist says on the phone.

(字幕) 我按你的意思,没有接待他,只是有一个人偷偷会见了他。
Subtitle You told me not to see him and I haven’t, But there is someone who went to
see him on the slay.

(近景) 批评家气愤地放下电话。
Close shot The critic slams the phone down.

(中景) 批评家跑入一幢房子,看见一扇门半 开着,推开一看。
Mid shot The critic runs into a house. He sees a half-open door and pushes it.

(近景) 艺术家正和外地评论家谈话。
Close shot The artist is talking to a rival critic.

(近景) 批评家指着艺术家大吼。
Close shot The critic exclaims to the artist.

(字幕) 你背叛我!
subtitle You have betrayed me!


 第七幕 你们只有中医和巫术
Act Seven - You Only have Traditional Chinese Medicine and Witchcraft

 (全景) 一桌中外人士在吃饭,一个外国人对中国人说。
Panorama A group of Chinese people and foreigner are having dinner. A foreigner says
to Chinese.

(字幕) 你们只有中医和巫术,没有艺术。
Subtitle You only have traditional Chinese medicine and witchcraft, but no art.

(全景) 门被推开,一个人走进来严肃说。
Panorama The door is pushed open. A person walks in saying sternly.

(字幕) 胡说,我们有艺术。
Subtitle Nonsense! We do have art!

(近景) 外国人显得很惊讶。
Close shot The foreigner is surprised.

(近景) 这个人气氛地说。
Close shot The person exclaims

(字幕) 难道我们的艺术一定要配你们的胃口吗?
Subtitle Must out art live up to your standards?


第八幕 教父
Act Eight - The Godfather

 (全景) 在一个大客厅里,许多人在跳舞。
Panorama Many people are dancing in a large sitting room.

(中景) 在另一个房间,教父和一个人在说话。
Mid shot In another room the Godfather says to someone.

(字幕) 现在新的利害的艺术家太少,我担心后继无人。
subtitle There are so few outstanding new artists. I’m worried about the next

(中景) 那人默默无语。
Mid shot The person remains silent.

(全景) 大客厅里人继续在跳舞。
Panorama The sitting room is packed with dancing guests.

(中景) 房间里教父拉着两个人的手说。
Mid shot The godfather holds the hands of two people.

(字幕) 你们还在争吵,真让我放心不下。
Subtitle you’re still quarreling. That makes me uneasy.

(特写) 教父老泪纵横。
Close shot The godfather starts to weep.


第九幕 梅杜萨之筏
Act Nine - The Raft of the MedusaUTF

 (全景) 十几个人在木筏上,漂泊在海上。
Panorama Ten or so people are huddled on a raft floating in the sea.

(近景) 有的人已死去。
Close shot Someone has died.

(近景) 有的人在挣扎。
Close shot Someone is struggling.

(近景) 有的人在思考。
Close shot Someone is thinking.

(字幕) 进亦无能退亦难。
Subtitle We can’t go forward. We can’t go back either.

(全景) 几个人绝望在木筏上,向远出拼命呼唤。
Panorama They are all desperate and shout into the distance.

(字幕) 再见吧!艺术。


Zhou Tiehai


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