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Geng Jianyi-Beyond 'Synthetic Reality'


Geng Jianyi's focus was on the inner practice of exhibition making; the issues such as, whether the end product of an art work or an exhibition is the only valid form of presentation and representation; and is not the unseen process behind the scene of any cultural production a legitimate part to be shown, exhibited. In Beyond 'Synthetic Reality' Geng Jianyi employed a conceptual but somewhat journalistic sensitivity in probing into the depth of the participating artists' private life and artistic creation, and turning inside out the whole process of the exhibition making. Beyond 'Synthetic Reality' consists of nine documentaries of the nine respective artists, all of which are assembled from fragments recorded during the last week of the preparation process of the exhibition, presenting a wide range of subjects and aspects of the exhibition, art and life of the participants. The nine documentaries were shown on nine monitors simultaneously as an installation. Geng Jianyi's piece makes visible the invisible part of the exhibition and it provides viewers with multiple ways to approach the exhibition and the works, while, in the meantime, it functions as mirrors for those who have been filmed to reflect on themselves.


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