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Trotzky murdered in Summer, Gentlemen in Financial Circles got more Depressed


Trotzky Murdered in Summer, Gentlemen in Financial Crisis Got More Depressed (2003), single channel video, 22', ed. of 5

In Murdered Trotsky in Summer, Gentlemen in Financial Circles Got More Depressed, scenes of a modern-day corporate environment are cut with the enactment of a murder. Not following the actual circumstance of Trotsky's death, the scenes played out by the costumed young men are something more like a sketchily-remembered idea. While the bulk of the action is in black and white, a colour sequence follows in a more obviously contemporary setting; the young men walk through the streets raging and shouting. Little is resolved, and the viewer is left with the sense that they are as perplexed by the slipperiness of collective memory as they are by the murder.

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