Standards for “Buildings in an Ideal Residential Zone” Yang Mian


Iron sheet architectural model, computer-generated building decoration slides, fluorescent lamps, candles, CAD zone plan and multimedia projection, and zone effect illustration (oil painting).

Working method:

1. Existing real estate advertising and building prospectuses are combined in a “standard” architectural design to meet the requirements of the exhibition.

2. Computer drawings of the entire site plan and CAD building design charts (with 3D animation to provide a multimedia demonstration) are employed.

3. Building model constructed from iron sheeting (all windows are left empty, computer-generated interior effect slides are fitted, with a built-in fluorescent lamp providing the light source). The height of the model (150-200cm) is such that a person's eye level is below the line of sight of the candles.

4. Lit candles are placed at the top of the model.

Exhibition plan:

1. Overall, the exhibition venue must have a beautiful yet sentimental atmosphere.

2. The exhibition must be located in an old building. It requires a triple ribbon-shaped space and it is best suited to a protected heritage building with a relatively independent area. As candles form part of the exhibit, a windless environment is required.

3. The exhibit is divided into three parts:

i) A video projected 3D linear architectural drawing;

ii) A zone architectural model constructed from iron sheeting;

iii) A painting depicting the general layout of the zone.

4. At the opening of the exhibition, the sales lady will distribute the building’s “Standard” DM sheets and give a detailed introduction to the building in a professional manner.

5. For exhibits in Mainland China, the architecture of the city where the exhibition is being held should be represented in the works to increase the appeal of the exhibit to local viewers and give the visual illusion of something that is both familiar and unknown. The works should be marked with the words “MADE IN...” to show geographic diversity and architectural similarity. For exhibitions abroad the works should be marked “MADE IN CHINA”.

6. At the opening ceremony, guests must wear formal dress of the standard one would require when purchasing a property.