Yang Fudong,
Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest (Part 1),
black-and-white film in 35 mm,
29 minutes 30 seconds

The film Seven Intellectuals In Bamboo Forest is based on the history of
seven talent intellecuals in the Chinese ancient Wei and Jin Dynasty. Ruan
Ji, Ji Kang, Shan Tao, Liu Ling, Ruan Yan, Xiang Xiu and Wang Rong were
famous poets and artists at that time. Open and unruly, they used to
gather and drink in the bamboo forest, singing songs and playing
traditional Chinese musical instruments, in hope to escape from the earthly
life. They pursued individuality, freedom and liberty. Their remarkable
talent and passion made them a notable group in Chinese history.
>Seven Intellectuals In Bamboo Forest lasts 90-110 minutes . Here showed is
the first part .