Regular Imagination

While creating my series of painted sculpture, in 2000, I encountered the idea to experiment in a totally different way. I started the whole plan in Kunming and Jingde Town in July 2002, to use the materials of celadon and white porcelain clay. Nowadays, the surface of life is full of over-abundance and quick-changing processes, and “simplicity”, as well as “purity”, seem far away from our sight and expectation. These objects are duplicated from things we are familiar with in life and produced with celadon and white porcelain clay under high temperature. They are what people know and recall. After a kind of transformation, a different situation, different space, different layout and different experience of audience will bring different inspirations: happiness, misery, excitement, dreams, secrets, terrors etc.. What’s more, porcelain has the characteristics of being hard in surface, but fragile, which means that any pattern or fantasy is permanent in reality. People will live in a kind of fruitless circumstance and illusory mood, forever ….

Liu Jianhua
2003. 3