About "Nature Series"

--Selected creation notes

The weft and wrap form is the basic framework for textile weaving, but it can not be the only one for fabric arts. After striding over the weft and wrap form of loom and the fence of tapestry decoration, repelling the attraction of rich surface texture of materials and going into the deepest layer which is the original start to research on a new kind of fabric form, I have finally discovered the critical point existed between science and nature, biology and bioecology, weaving and sculpture, installation and active art.

For more than 10 years at my silkworm-breed place. I have hard engaged in the creative experiment of fantastic work and watched carefully these small silkworms how to live, to breed and change on the rusty iron thorns or metal with greasy dirt or smooth glass in their whole procedure of life. At the same time, I often make use of their activities to finish my works, which is possibly called a type of modern silk weaving of plastic art, in order to exploring the secrets of the perpetual motion between the universe and the human race.

"Until death, silkworms do stop spinning silk", a sentence from a well-known old poem of China, is highly praised for the silkworm spirit. Instead, and idiom" Spinning a cocoon around oneself", also well-known in China, is often laughed at oneself. Would the two different saying be the description of the way of the human history?

To observe the spinning procedure of silkworms I always slept on the ground at night. One day, when waking up at mid-night I found unexpectedly out much thin and bright silk from the small silkworms falling on my body had wrapped around my head, neck and shoulder so that I had been changed into a very big cocoon. Would not I be a small silkworm? I believed suddenly that it should be true toat I was weighed down with my work.

Nowadays, our era is a complicated era. In this era of sharp competition, people both want to follow the social steps of high-speed changing and to free them from the fast rhythm of life for returning to nature: both have their farther abilities to the rational observation and have the non-rational abuornal psychology: both have agreat ambition to conguer nature and have lots of puzzles and lost feelings. It is the "Nature Series" that casts all my feelings.

I'm not satisfied the ideas-expression of nature and return of nature, but I must point out that nature itself is a real art. Nature is not only our living environment but our cultural environment.

I always believe that people just begin to explore the material language, but in the past they often forgot the fact that the material language should be the main subject of arts. In fact, it is obviously the excavation of universe, society, history and mind of human as well as philosophical thought of culture for people to explore the forms of material texture and the physical charaters of space.

"Nature Series" records the fourth space, so it is a sculpture of time, life and nature. I can't stop creating new art works like the continuous and endless nature.