About <<Several Dusks / Lili's afternoon>> photo, 2002

'Several Dusks' is the title for a series of photographs i am planing to realize over time. An 'Afternoon of Lili' is one part of this series. The story of Lili might continue, beyond this fixed frame. Yet we maybe wont find Lili in the future, Lili may be also only a made-up feature, or Lili may be just among the people on the picture. I don¡¯t know who Lili is, but I wanted to catch her smell, which existed in this fading afternoon... Thus I took this break of time, like a wound, quietly healed in slight pain. Do not try to focus on color and composition, or find out where the image is taken. It is only a dusk, some people, pale, passing by. Some Dusk, extending to depth....

Liang Yue