How about the relation between artistic and contemporary culture of the idea?

Wang Lin

discussing whether art is contemporary or modern depends on its representatives' behavior --Functionalism in art is inclined to grow, also most important is product and POP art. The former cancels the chief status in art of technology, the latter reduces the creative process. Since we regard articles of common customs and people's culture as art resources, it can only regard creation and consumption of the cultural idea as the opportunity. Contemporary art belongs to the category of science of culture, the pertinence of the question of when culture becomes art shows one's own value of the idea. Pu Jie's "earth games" an enormous model plan of a city, splashed with alcohol, burnt, cooked by dust, has become a block of ruins. When the living beings are out of control in the city generally the craziness multiplies, the city has already lost its future. We really have reasons to ask about problems such as traffic, pollution, crime, drug taking, sex, race, the generation gap, population expansion, too many differences between the rich and the poor, terrorism, etc. Do we have the schemes to solve them completely? The works of Pu Jie present that between the artist and the contemporary city there is room for anxiety and introspection of issues. In an extremely simple way Pu Jie lets his strong soul shake the reader.