About 'Made for You'

The idea of this internet work is to collect people's suggestions. With this method I hope to highlight the relationship of 'supply and demand' which are often hidden in the international art exchange.

I use a suitcase not only because of it's practical aspect and because it is a salesman's sample suitcase (which hints a 'buy and sell' relation). I use a transparent suitcase,
because this is unsual and gets people's attention, the same situation which non-mainstream art (e.g. Chinese art) has in the mainstream art world.

Likewise, "Made for you" has its special features: the ideas are from the West, but it is manufactured in China. It shows a reasonable and incredible relation in the same time (production on demand is a normal thing in the commercial world, but unbelievable in the art world). 

"Made for you" shows both sides: one side provides the stage, the visa, etc; the other one makes a sample and a performance. Everybody does what the other needs. Under this cicumstance, the increase of communication is to be guaranteed.