On Time

In searching for recent works, they are mostly chosen by observing the realities of China from a sociological angle with cultural memory acting as a kind of receptacle. Taking historical image resources, I can employ them as a visual means of expression toward contemporary issues. In the works I place the head portraits of new people of this generation alongside head portraits of people from the past as well as the material consumer goods so worshipped by the people of today together with classical graphic representations to realize parallel juxtaposition in a bop style. In this way, a bizarre fatalistic connection between the images is created dramatically stating the complicated values and mental conflicts of a one dimensional personality society. The works adopt a conceptual approach to record some remnants of heroic illusion amongst a fully materialized society and at the same time tell us that in this era of abundant hedonism and consumerism, people must retain an awe toward unknown objects.

Wei Guangqing 2000October 10, 2000