Wang Youshen

For the same discussing of pubic problems, Wang Youshen has chosen a more sensitive media. He selected, as he used to, some press pictures and private photos and made them as common effect after his imagery and development, the two different chemical processes. The development has become the unique conceptional method for Wang Youshen to process the picture information. In recent years his works have involved a series of major propositions with different natures. Covering form the clan consciousness upon persons’ social identity to the function of the media ways in the society upon persons’ behaviors and mental pressure and form the questioning to the wars to cleaning up the consuming culture as well. In the problem of Y2K, the potential harm caused by the information and media age to both public and private life has become the new theme in his works. The minimalist color and process art as his feature have made his works somewhat yearning for the past and sentimental.

--Huang Zhuan