Flutter, Flutter, Jasmin, Jasmin
(Yang Fudong, Sept. 2002)

The Girl in the Sky, A Love Song

1. (man):
I lift you to the sky
and gaze at you
you look different
from what you were
i want to say you look prettier
and more tender now
i love you so much
my girl in the sky

2. (woman):
if you love me
say it out directly
i am in your dream
no matter how you treat me
i will place you in my heart
my only hope is
you look the same as the man
in my dream

3. (man):
beautiful flowers have sweet scent
my loverís blood is flowing in my heart
i can no longer cheat myself
and let my beloved flower wither for me

4. (woman):
behave like a real man
love me as i love you
who says all men are the same
is it true that you want me to think that way

5. (man):
only you can see i am different
i am the sea
you are the fish living there
no matter how fierce the storm comes
donít be scared
in my arms, you will be safe for ever

6. (woman):
men like speaking honeyed words
like bees buzzing in the flowers
their world is full of fragrant flowers
and they get lost in it
all flowers are different from each other
i am unique
i have my own smell

7. (man):
why canít you understand me
instead you always break my heart
like the unfeeling cloud in the sky,
you treat your sweetheart without a heart

8. (woman):
i said nothing to upset you
i donít hope our life in the future
will be a mess
my sweetheart
i long to fly in the sky with him
and accompany him for ever
no matter happiness or hardship
i will feel what he feels
and live together till the end of the day
even death cannot make up part
only he knows
my scent

9. (man):
darling, i am happy to death
you are the girl in my dream
your love for me enlightens my life
your love for me gives me courage

10. (together):
Nothing will be said and nothing will be done
we love each other so deeply
time flies and things change
no matter what happens
we will fly in the sky
for that is the place where we belong to