Preface For Yu Youhan’s Show, 2004

This show is initially named the “Ultra-concept Art Show”.

It is a conventional painting show with a trendy name.

The link between art and concept is trendy now. Unfortunately, for me, “ultra” means exceeding, while “ultra-concept” means “no concept”.

Why did I draw paintings “without” concept? Because there are too many “concepts” in art. I am unable to identify which are new, which are old, which are concepts, and which are not. 80 years ago, Marcel Duchamp challenged art with a urinal. I understand that he was opposing the narrowness of art, but today, a new narrowness has been formed again. Ever-innovative art is full of concepts and strangeness, while lacking value. Honesty is being beaten by tricks.

Art is valued for its freedom, and I have the right to choose.

Away from the pollution and noise of cities, between the blue sky and pure people, I feel extraordinarily happy. I always think I can really make something while inspired by my own life.

Therefore I draw, I can only draw, because I love it, like Duchamp loved chess.

Duchamp said, his life was his best art.

I say, my art is my best life.

This is my concept.

Thus, “art without concept” can be interpreted as “ultra-concept art”.

Yu You Han

June 6th, 2004