World Trade Center Remains Cleaned Up, Sun Qingling

The Story Miyazawa told to Honda is like this: if a Norwegian fisherman keeps the sardines he caught alive until he gets back to shore, the selling price will be several times highter than if they were dead. So fishermen try to keep their fish alive till they get back to the shore. -----Whom will the Berlin Golden Bear belong to?, Sun Qingling

Fate of waiting, Sun Qingling

I once had one night stand. Self-account in talk show about losing virginity at 20, Sha Yeya

Powell denied the possibility of war declaration on Iraq, saying that America won't take action without discussion with its allies. Sha Yeya

An inch away from marriage for 30 times. Albert's love story, Sha Yeya

Wife of Jordan flies, Sha Yeya

Lucky Horse, Poplular Tang Clothing, Yue Opera, Film, Candies etc... Sha Yeya

Xiaoquan self-account of losing virginity at 20 attends the talk show, Sha Yeya

Wife of "Fly-man" Jordan flies, Sha Yeya

Reported by CCTV . On Oct. 30th this year, the first case of sexual harassment in China has been accepted and heard by Tinghu District People's Court in Xi'an. Although there has been no judgement yet, accepting and hearing the case itself is a big step forward on the road of democracy. Sexual harassment is a new concept introduced in the 1990's , while relevant legislation has been well estabilished in many other countries. Sha Yeya

The travelling 10 thousand ton ship wrecked the wharf, Chen Zaiyan

Lewinsky went to court again. Tearfully declared ' I live quite well without Clinton', Chen Zaiyan

American inspectors enter Middle East? No way!, Chen Zaiyan

Attacking thief cought the policemen in 2002 AD, Chen Zaiyan

15 female workers were frisked nude for one hour, Chen Zaiyan

Good common sense after the entry to WTO Guangdong selection and response:'One man's character results in his own fate', Zheng Guogu

An accused board of directors. The farewell show was carried out under spotlights and the 7-degree temperature helped people forget the harshness of winter. The tea is not easy to get, but, Zheng Guogu

British government has been strongly arguing that French government should shut down Sangatte refugee camp. On May 1st, some refugees rushed into British-French Channel to cross illegally and the Channel was forced to shut down.... Zheng Guogu

Rich days and poor days, Zheng Guogu

Blood written letter on imprisonment with opposite sex. In 1996, 16 years old girl Qiu Caiping was put in prison by the public Security Bureau of Tiantai Country of Zhejiang Province. During the 7 days and 7 nights inprisonment together with more than 20 male suspects, Miss Qiu was seriously sexually abused while her dignity was injured. On jan 11th, 2002 after several efforts in accusation, Qiu received a last instance from Zhejiang Provincial seniors People's Court sentencing that Qiu recovers over Tiantai Public Security Bureau. So ends the 5 years suspended and shocking sex imprisonment case. Zheng Guogu

12 year old girl suspected to be raped and then killed in a public toilet body dumped at a nearby fishing pond with lower part exposed. The toilet where the murder took place was quite remote. The murdered girl was a cute daughter with good academic performance, Zheng Guogu

Hide, Zheng Guogu

Self-destruction of Arafat, Zheng Guogu

Yangjiang shit record/memo, Zheng Guogu

Electricity, Zheng Guogu

86 long years marked with Japanese traces to help for justice or hurt on purpose? Zheng Guogu

Air Surveillance firing, Zheng Guogu

Chinese female Schindler will appear on screen. Chinese woman at muzzle of gestapo's gun. "Violent girlfriend" for "hot dance under starry sky" will be on stage. Sun Qingling

No. 1 Gambling Queen in Asia, Sha Yeya

Announcement: Semen wanted, Sha Yeya

A great Hollywood film director dies, Zheng Guogu

Nucleus Hooligan, Chen Zaiyan & Zheng Guogu

Hidden mystery in peace, Chen Zaiyan

Stowaway (Couplet), Zheng Guogu