The New Meteorite Sky-Patching Project

On the afternoon of March 8th, 1976, a rare meteorite shower attached the northern part of Jilin City, China. The largest of the meteorite fragment weighted 1.7 tons, and the total weight of all the space formed pieces were more than two tons. 
At present count, man has recorded and collected more than 3000 meteorite rain in places all over the world.
Chinese ancient folk tales tell of the creator-goddess patching holes in the sky with five-color stone blocks. As a result many other stories tell of people worried that the sky will fall down. 
There is a reason for peopleís worries about the sky falling down. It is thought that, once a stone drops down from the sky, life will have an absence and the universe will lose its balance.
Because of this I have recovered one of the fragments dropped in Jilin City in Northern China Ė the largest meteorite ever recovered, and melted into steel so as to carve the story of itís source on its surface, In the future, the Space Shuttle will carry it back to the universe, and thus reach my dream of repatching the sky.
Meteorites constantly drop to earth; therefore I cannot keep doing this project forever. However, I have my son after I die, I have my grandson after he dies, my grandson has his son, his sonís son------, for generations. They will all devote themselves to restoring order to the universe! 
(Translation by Li Yuan)

Zhan Wang
Oct. 6th, 2000, Beijing