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b. 1971, works and lives in Shanghai

Blue Kylin Part 2 / Slide-Film Installation / 2009
Picture Movie: Celluloid is in the form of frames. When you slow down the playing rate of these flames to the rate of PowerPoint slides, as you can see in Gallery No.1; this kind of movie, which adapts a repeat play mode featuring in variation, is called “Picture Movie”.
General Description: The movie truly reflects the current living conditions of stone carving workers at Shandong Blue Stone Carving Plant. With an aim of making their lives known to more people, the artist focuses on the low-class labors in North China. And the movie fully displays the humane care and social responsibility of modern art.
Movie Title: Blue stone (a kind of stone materials) is an abundant specialty in the local area. Chinese kylin is deemed as a propitious animal as well as a quintessential product model of the carving plant. This is the second movie of the series and where the title of the movie originates from.
Question Discussion: Which weighs heavier: “art” or “survival”? Under the harsh local living conditions, those carving workers single-mindedly devote themselves to working hard just to make ends meet instead of paying attention to art; though they, in fact, have been doing things related to art in their daily lives. It can be too extravagant to talk about art here.

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