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b. 1957, works and lives in Shanghai
multi-channel animation
Edition of 5

The video and sound installation consists of 1,440 storage bags, arranged in the form of a matrix screen. 10 high definition projectors are used to project 1,100 videos onto the bottoms of these storage bags and, due to different sizes of these images, some will take up several bags.

The video images excerpted from a wide spectrum of the archive of the international art, which is a genuine gem of human civilization from the past century, a treasure of modern and contemporary art. The video images do not have the ambition to offer panoramic view of history and lead to historical criticism. Instead, it intend to reflect upon the present by resorting to past and explore the possibilities of different combinations of the past century’s visual memory within one minute. The extraordinary scenes brought about by random overlapping and encounters are a major motivation to create this work. The somewhat uncertain and even absurd utopian spectacle is what the work will present.

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Video Clips:

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Yuz Foundation
DSL Collection

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