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b. 1957, works and lives in Shanghai

Available Publications
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320 Pages

Hu Jieming *
/Li Zhenhua
The Multi-Media Art of Hu Jieming *
/FENG Boyi
Dimensions Art Center, Beijing
Other Publications
Twenty Years of Iteration - Shanghai Duolun Museum of Mordern Art
/Zeng Yulan, Gu Jiajun
Shanghai Duolun Museum of Mordern Art
Contemporary Chinese Art History 1978-1999/2000-2019
Lu Hong /Wu Wei/Xia Qingqi
Shanghai Calligraphy and Painting Publishing House
The Conception of In Translation - The Context of Nature
/Zhang Yiming / Wang Meisi
Shangqi Art
Motion is Action - 35 Years of Chinese Media Art
/Zhang Ga
Art Matters
Focus China
/Bttina Ruhrberg
Monchehaus Museum
Rebirth and Resonance: Pingshan Art Museum Yearbook 2019-2020
/Liu Xiaodu/Zhong Gang
Pingshan Art Museum
20 Years of New Media Art Education in China Ⅰ
Li Zhen/Yan Feng /Ye Rufei
Beijing Culture and Art Publishing House
Under Construction: A History of Shanghai Insititution, 2008-2016
/Chao JIaxing
China Art Times Limited, Hong Kong
The 5th Documentary Exhibition of Fine Arts - Physis: Production of Nature, Human and Technology
Hubei Museum of Art; Fine Arts Literature Art Center
The Art of Contemporary China
Jiang Jiehong
Thames & Hudson Ltd
Time Capsule: International Contemporary Art Exhibition
Hu Bin /Li Zhengze
China Today Art Museum Publishing House
Lu Mingjun
Culture and Art Publishing House
New Art History: 2000-2018 Chinese Contemporary Art
/MoCA Yinchuan
China Tushu Publishing House
A History of Ideas in Pioneering Contemporary Chinese Art Volune Two: Mixed-Modern
Zha ChangPing /Huang Tao
Shanghai Sanlian bookstore
Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture:Citys Grow in Difference
UABB(shenzhen)Organizing Committee
Artists Liveing in Shanghai Wuu Speech
/Li Xiangyan
China Art Museum,Shanghai
Unfolding Time and Space:Jwffrey Shaw and HU Jieming Twofold Exhibition
Li Aide
We: A Community of Chinese Contemporary Artists
K11 Art Foundation
Essential Matters: Moving Images from China
/Necmi Sönmez
Borusan Contemporary
Wemhner Collection
/Christoph Noe-Larry’s List
Larry’s List Ltd
The System of Objects
/Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai
Shanghai Books &Picture Publishing House
Shanghai Ever
/Sun Wenqing
Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai
ShanghART Taopu 2014
Contemporary Photography in China 2009-2014
Zhejiang Photography Publishing House
Radical Art History Shanghai Chronicles in the 1980s
Zhao Chuan /Huang Tao
Shanghai Joint Publishing
A History of Exhibition: Shanghai 1979-2006
/Biljana Ciric
Centre for Chinese Contemporary, U.K.
Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Money: Art After Social Media Era
/Li Zhenhua
FIAC 2013
Reed Expositions, France
dslcollection: a collection of Chinese contemporary art 2013
Helen Ho
Portrait of the Times: 30 Years of Chinese Contemporary Art
/Li Xu
Power Station of Art & Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House
In-Sight: Phtographs from the Wemhöner Collection
Keber Verlag
Moving Image in China:1988-2011
Silvana Editoriale
Transmedia Art & Fashion
/YangQingqing/Alexander Brandt
Shanghai Art and Literature Publishing House
Moving on Asia
/Yeran JANG, Jihye KIM
Alt. Space LOOP
Shanghai Culture New Criticism
/Wu Liang
Shanghai Culture Newsroom
Moving Image in China:1988-2011
/He Juxing
Minsheng Art Museum & Shijie Art Publishing House
DSLcollection: A Collection of Chinese Contemporary Art 2011 (Hardcover)
Helen Ho
Focus Asia Wemhöner Collection (German version)
Kerber Art
Focus Asia Wemhöner Collection
Kerber Art
Kunset in China-Sonderedition
Collectors' stage- Asian contemporary art from private collections
Singapore Art Museum
Dslcollection: A Collection of Chinese Contemporary Art 2011
Helen Ho
You West I East: Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition
/LU Hong/YU Ke
Hebei Fine Arts Publishing House
History in Making 1979-2009: Artists Interviews & Works Archives
Biljana Ciric
Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House
Bourgeoisified Proletariat
/YANG Zhenzhong/XU Zhen/SHI Qing
Office for Discourse Engineering
Double Act
In the 1980s-Wen Pulin Archive of Chinese Avant-garde Art Exhibition
Duolun Museum of Modern Art
Five Years in Duolun Chinese Contemporary Art Retrospective Exhibition: Dolun 5 Years
/ZHANG Yonglin
Duolun MoMA, Shanghai
Art Multiple 2008
Ke Center for the Contemporary Arts
40+4 Art is not enough
/Davide Quadrio/Lothar Spree/ZHU Xiaowen
The World of Other: Contemporary Art Exhibition
/Gong Mingguang
Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai
BizArt, Shanghai
Rejected Collection
Biljana Ciric
ShanghART 10 Years
/Uta Grosenick/Sine Bepler
Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Koenig
Burden or Legacy: From the Chinese Cultural Revolution to Contemporary Art
Johnson Tsongzung CHANG/Katie HILL /Joshua Jiehong JIANG
Hong Kong University Press
The First Today's Documents 2007
Today Art Museum, Beijing
Try Try Look: BizArt 2004-2006
/Davide Quadrio
BizArt, Shanghai
Move on Asia: Clash and Network.Single Channel Video Art Festival 2006
/Jinsuk Suh/Ji Yoon Yang
Yellow Sea Publication
Code: Blue
/Lu Xiaobo/Zhang Ga
Timezone 8 Limited, Hong Kong
Shanghai Modern 1919-1945
/Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker/Ken Lum/Zheng Shengtian
Museum Villa Stuck/Hatje Cantz
Art in America 2005.2
Brant Art Publications, Inc. , New York, USA
Yishu: journal of contemporary Chinese art (Vol. 4, No. 1)
/Keith Wallace
Art & Collection Group ,Taipei, Taiwan
Zooming into Focus: Chinese Contemporary Photography & Video from the Haudenschild Collection
/SHI Yong/Laura ZHOU
Return to Nature
/Gu Zhenqing
Regeneration: Contemporary Chinese Art from China and the US
/LI Xianting/Dan MILLS
Samek Art Gallery/Bucknell University,Lewisburg,USA
Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video from China
Christopher PHILLIPS/WU Hung /Stephanie Smith
The Smart Museum of Art at University of Chicago,Chicago, U.S.A./The International Center of Photography (New York - USA); Steidl Publishers,Gottingen, Germany
Shanghai Biennale 2004: Techniques of the Visible
/GAO Shiming/Sebastian LOPEZ/XU Jiang etc.
Shanghai Art Museum
Light as Fuck: Shanghia Assemblage 2000-2004
/GU Zhenqing
The National Museum of Art, Norway
The Third Space in the Fourth World
Eastlink Gallery,Shanghai
Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art (Vol 3, No. 2)
/Keith Wallace
Art & Collection Group, Taipei, Taiwan
Open Sky: Contemporary Art Exhibition
GU Zhenqing
Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai
Return to Nature Ⅰ: Trojan Horse
/Gu Zhenqing
Nanjing Shenghua Art Center
Modernites Chinoises
Christine Buci-Glucksmann /Jean-Mac Decrop
Take a Seat
Artsea Studio & Gallery, Shanghai
A Strange Heaven: Contemporary Chinese Photography
/Susan Acret
Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong
Art in America (2003.9)
Eleanor HEARTNEY/Marcia E. VETROCQ/Richard VINE
Brant Art Publications, Inc., New York, USA
Paroles (no. 190)
L'Alliance Francaise de Hong Kong,Hong Kong
Johnson Tsongzung Chang etc. /Susan Acret/Claire Hsu etc.
Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong/Chinese Century, France
The State of Chinese Avant-Grade Art: A Compilation of Interviews on Chinese Avant-Garde Art
Gao Brothers
/Zhu Tong
Nanjing Museum, Nanjing
The First Guangzhou Triennial - Reinterpretation: A Decade of Experimental Chinese Art 1990-2000 (Chinese version)
Chris BERRY/Britta ERICKSON/Yi Ying/PI Li etc. /Wu Hung
Macao Publishing House, Macao
Contemporary Art Series: Image and Post-Modernism
Qiu Zhijie/Wu Meichun /Lin Wang
Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House
Living in Time: 29 Zeitgenossische Kunstler aus China
/Fan Dian/Gabriele Knapstein/Martina Koppel Yang
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin/PreuBischer Kulturbesitz
Developing Time
Annie Auchere Aguetaz/Monica Dematte
BizArt, Shanghai
Mantic Ecstasy: Digital Image and Video Art
Chen Xiaoyun/Tong Biao/Qiu Zhijie/Jiang Zhi
Hot Pot
Erling Borgen/Rchard pale/Gu Zhenqing/Huang Yihan /Inghild Karlsen/Per Gunnar Tverbakk etc.
Kunstnernes Hus, Norway
Home? Contemporary Art Project
/Qiu Zhijie/Wu Meichun
World Chinese Fine Arts Publishing House, Hong Kong
Inertia & Mask Paper Works Exhibition
Shanghai Oil Painting & Sculpture Institute
Chinese Art at the End of the Millennium
/John Clark
New Art Media Limited, Hong Kong
90's Art China
LV Peng
Hunan Fine Art Publishing House
The Same But Also Changed
Ideas & Concepts
Contemporary Chinese Art Criticism Series: Conceptual Art—Poetics of Deconstruction and Reconstruction
/ZHANG Xiaoling
Jilin Fine Arts Publishing House
China New-Art:Records of 23 Avant-garde Artists' Works
/ZHANG Nianchao
Chinese Esperanto Publishing House
Art for Sale
/Alexander Brandt / Xu Zhen/Yang Zhenzhong
Jiangnan: Modern and Contemporary Art from South of the Yangzi River
/Hank Bull
Annie Wong Foundation /Western Front Society, Canada
New Voices: Contemporary Art Dialogue Among Taipei, Hong Kong and Shanghai
/Oscar Hingkay HO/J.J. SHIH
National Taiwan Arts Education Institute
Originality Gather
Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Dream of China: '97 Chinese Contemporary Art
China Today Press
Reality: Present and Future
Art Gallery of Beijing International Art Palace
Shanghai Xin jia Shang Hua pai
/YU Xiaofu/WANG Xiangming/WEI Shaonong
Shanghai Huabao Publishing House


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