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b. 1963, works and lives in Wuhan

146(H)*146(W)cm 15 pieces

Sun Tzu The Art of War (Sun Zi Bing Fa)
In this series from 2005, Wei Guangqing employed 13 woodblock prints from The Art of War by Sun Tzu such as ‘Laying Plans’, ‘Waging War’, ‘Planning Attacks’. However, he transferred these treatises and rules of war into new cultural symbols as decorative backgrounds. This was intended to emphasize the new and complicated relations within globalization between China, a nation with a long history and rich traditions, and the rest of the International Community.

Sun Tzu on the Art of War (Sun Zi Bing Fa) was written during the late Spring and Autumn Period ( more than 2,500 years ago). It was the earliest, most complete and famous military book from our ancient times. The book played an important role in the history of Chinese military which gave the militarists, politicians and philosophers a very far-reaching influence. It was translated into a dozen different versions and famous as “The Bible of Military”.

Detail pictures:

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