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b. 1963, works and lives in Wuhan

Wei Guangqing—an Interpretation, Ji Shaofeng, 2015
Pop art takes on 'The Art of War', Wang Jie , 2008
Made in China - "Making" Chinese " Contemporaneousness" , Pi Daojian, 2007
Wei Guangqing: His Historicalized Pop Art, Huang Zhuan, 2007
Passing Through History and Reality - A Semiotic Approach to Wei Guangqing's Works , Lu Hong , 2007
On Wei Guangqing's "Suicide Plan" - The History of Chinese Contemporary Art, 1979-1989, Lu Peng / Yi Dan, 2007
"Suffering" Body - Die In the Name of Art, GAO Minglu, 2006
Wei Guangqing: From the Cultural Pop to Being on the Scene, Ma Qingzhong , 2006
What Has Been Made in China? - Wei Guangqing's Made in China Series, Liu Maoping, 2006
On "The Virtuous Words" Series , Grace Fan, 2006
Read Wei Guangqing's Painting, Xu Yongmin, 2005
Learn the Power of the Horse by Distance - Wei Guangqing and his Public Heart, Pi Li, 2004
Wei Guangqing: The Bar Code of The Commercial Era, Xiao Yang, 2004
On Wei Guangqing's "Red Wall" - The Artists could be entered into Art History, Li Xianting, 2002
That's For Your Own Good - Art's Response to the Age of Materialism, Huang Zhuan, 2000
The History of Chinese Contemporary Art 1900-1999, Lv Peng, 2000
About the Work on TIME Magazine Cover, Wei Guangqing, 2000
Ideal and Practice, 1996
85's Fine Arts Movement and the Contemporary Issues, Wei Guangqing, 1995
Notes of "The distortion of Eroticism" , Peng De, 1993
The Cultural Pop - Wei Guangqing and His "Red Wall" , Zhu Bin / Lu Hong , 1992
Media Material and Texture Construction, Wei Guangqing, 1991
The Curtain Call People of "The New Wave Movement of Art", Peng De, 1988
Charles V's Dream - Comments on Wei Guangqing's "Suicide Plan about 'Oneness'", Zeng Chunhua, 1988
Wei Guangqing's Simulative Experience and My Interpretation, Huang Zhuan, 1988
Understand One's Living Environment through Pop and Dada - Interview with Wei Guangqing, Li Xianting, 2005
Uphold Image: Dialogue with Wei Guangqing on "Zeng Guang" , Shen Wei, 2005
Wei Guangqing Ancient Scriptures Wall text - Sun Tzu The Art of War / Zhu Family Instructions / The Book of Family Names, 2008
Sun Tzu's Art of War, 2008
The Zhu Family Instruction, 2008
The San Zi Jing (Three Character Classic), 2006
The 26 Evil Spirit Passes - The Day of Peace, 2002
Twenty-Six Evil Spirit Passes—"The Day of Peace" - Conception of the Work, Wei Guangqing, 2002


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