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If You Throw Enough Mud at the Wall, None of It Will Stick
Solo Exhibition A+Contemporary, Shanghai
Date: 03.17, 2017 - 05.07, 2017

Artists: LIN Aojie 林奥劼

A+ Contemporary is pleased to present the opening of artist Lin Aojie’s solo exhibition “If You Throw Enough Mud at the Wall, None of It Will Stick” on March 17th, 2017. The exhibition is on view through May 7th.

How does contemporary art create new kinds of imagination and negotiation tactics within politics of the everyday? Through various forms including video, installation, drawing, and photography, artist Lin Aojie chooses to confront these issues through the lens of personal experience and trivial politics of the everyday, making veiled criticisms to navigate the complexities of identity and sensitivities of social relationships. As opposed to aggressive, direct resistance, Lin Aojie prefers a traceless “scratch”, using a neutral tone to document the nuances and subtleties of the everyday; by turning from a purely object-oriented artistic process to the production of relational mechanics, Lin engages himself in spatial and institutional critique, or his own constructive practices altogether. An artwork is not simply art in and of itself, but a record of an artified life—art becomes life/ method of production and further, biopolitics. With globalization of the capital markets, consumerism and commercialized operations have inevitably become the backdrop of contemporary art. Under the political marriage of capital and market, an artist’s identity, self- awareness, and societal roles are constantly in conflict. Through his documentations of reality, Lin Aojie, with his double identity as artist and practitioner, cunningly forges a new path out of the ostensibly indestructible production chain and power system.

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