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Enclave Contemporary Opening Exhibition
Group Exhibition Enclave Contemporary, Shenzhen
Date: 03.20, 2021 - 05.23, 2021

Artists: CHEN Xiaoyun 陈晓云 |  DING Yi 丁乙 |  The Grand Voyage (Guo Xi, ZHANG Jianling) 大航海 (郭熙,张健伶) | 


Bao Dong
Zhang Er

Exhibition Director

Jeon Younghwa

Opening date: 2021.03.20Exhibition period: 2021.03.20 - 5.23Exhibition adress: Shenzhen, Nanshan, OCT-LOFT North District, B4, 1F eastside, Enclave Contemporary

Zhang Er

The artists' practices from a given period artists appearing on the cover and the ensuing pages of Enclave are featured in the magazine. In our new edition, other than a complete makeover from the past issues, the content also carries a unique academic vision and aesthetic affinity to convey and explore the artistic movements in today's society to those outside of the established art system. Writers of the artists' contemporaries and those avid aficionados of poetry will deliver artistic innovation from a dynamic undercurrent to our readers. In a sense, art, poetry, culture, and creative events define a spiritual enclave in an era of radical change.

On another level, the term on the cover functions to transform what' s on paper into the physical space, symbolic of a collective ritual of our first action. Bearing a similar aim in mind, we would like to return the site of contemporary art practice from print to physical space through language, mathematics, and perspectives and display them in the most fitting manner. Whether as a noun in past tense or as a compelling verb with symbolic significance, our inaugural exhibition, "Cover" suggests that the Enclave will dedicate its effort to the work of contemporary art and expand into the three-dimensional model. This exhibition's presentation is both a small but beautiful retrospective and a new beginning and outlook into the future.

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