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b. 1971, works and lives in Hangzhou

Single-channel video
color video
4 minutes
Edition of 6 + 1AP

A theatre, a group of baggers, street artists, disabled people are playing American national anthem inharmoniously by using their shabby broken instruments which is comic and sad, the dual mistakes of moral, unbalanced ideology symbolization, all mess on the stage and the sense of ridiculousness implies a kind of virtual politics. The truth may like this,a twisted and massive ideological society is stuffed with the lowest level of socialism, capitalism, feudalism and the most deceptive sensation towards them. From the perspective of an artist, I shot these people from the lowest social class and laugh over their awkward actions on stage, on the other hand, I criticize myself that it's immoral to do like this but at the same time I remind myself this is an immoral work because I am not able to declare what is the basic correctness in the society where I exist.

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