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Group Exhibition ART404 Gallery, Nanjing
Date: 03.12, 2022 - 04.03, 2022

Artists: LIN Aojie 林奥劼 | 

In many cases, the reflectivity function of the fabric surface is approximately linear, and there is an effective closed-form solution to the shadow shape problem. When boundary conditions (e.g., edges, singularities) are not available, good shape estimates can still be extracted by using assumptions of general observed positions.

Digitization of biotechnology creates new opportunities for sensor integration to enable inconspicuous, noninvasive and continuous decoding of important body signals.The new exhibition of ART404 GALLERY uses the concept of "Textronic" to analyze the representation technology, biological variation, tactile field localization, heat and aging of eight artists who have been studying the new art language for a long time. Their work is the need of anti-standardized "things" extended in the contemporary digital environment.Interestingly, we find in the Textronic form factors in the textile manufacturing process chain (fibers, yarns, fabrics and finished products) that the specific practices of these artists may be the deep overlap and application of materials and manufacturing methods used for Textronic.

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