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Lin Aojie: Ponzi Scheme
Solo Exhibition ShanghART Beijing, Beijing
Date: 05.20, 2023 - 06.25, 2023

Artists: LIN Aojie 林奥劼

Opening: 20 May 2023, Sat. 4pm
Duration: 20 May - 25 June 2023 (11 am – 6pm, Mon. Closed)
Location: ShanghART Beijing, 261 Caochangdi, Airport Side Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

ShanghART Beijing is delighted to present a solo exhibition by Lin Aojie, “Ponzi Scheme”, opening on 20 May 2023. Following the artist’s two solo shows in Beijing, “Those Who Like Playing Tricks Usually Don’t Live a Good Life” (2019) and “How Do Artists Make a Living” (2021), this exhibition marks the third chapter of Lin’s artistic practice by bringing together his latest video, painting and text works.

Featuring casual and witty pop culture references, Lin Aojie’s work is known for exposing the artists’ plight and grey areas within the art industry in a seemingly light-hearted manner. In recent years, Lin has broadened his interests to include social reality and artificial intelligence. Drawing attention to the “economic” realm for this exhibition, he attempts to examine the inextricable, ambiguous relationship between artistic production and commercial development, as well as the intertwined yet evolving human desires in the information age through his usual self-deprecating interventions.

As a conceptually oriented artist, Lin Aojie is keen to set all kinds of ingenious traps in the exhibition—the title of which is not translatable from Chinese to English, for example—telling the “truth” beneath the glamorous capital market in a sincere tone; when consumerism and commercial operations have become an unavoidable global context, he takes advantage of the “industrialisation of art” as a future trend to consider the possibilities of creating more access to contemporary art for the general public.

How to shift multiple perspectives between subjectivity and objectivity, privacy and publicity, thus bridging the gap between art itself and the politics of life, has also been the subject matter of Lin’s ongoing inquiry. In his view, true confrontation is not only a matter of standing in opposition and shouting loudly, but also of taking the initiative to walk into the solidified framework system. Through small actions of participation, it might be more likely to trigger an awakening of collective consciousness.

About the Artist

Lin Aojie, born in Guangzhou in 1986, graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Oil Painting Department in 2010. He lives in Guangzhou, currently working in Beijing and Shanghai.

Recent exhibitions include: Lin Aojie: Ponzi Scheme, ShanghART Beijing (2023); Lin Aojie: Contemporary Art and Design Industrial Park | Xiàn Chǎng | West Bund Art & Design, West Bund Art Center, Shanghai (2022); TAG·New Contemporary Art Exhibition - Sailing, TAG Art Museum, Qingdao (2022); Mirage or Reality, CHI K11 Art Museum, Shanghai (2021); Lin Aojie: How Do Artists Make a Living, ShanghART Beijing (2021); Shifting Times, Moving Images IV: Lin Aojie, ShanghART Singapore (2021); An Archive: Seven Trails, Taikang Space, Beijing (2020); The South Is Not an Island, OCAT Shenzhen (2020); Lin Aojie: Designers Have a Future only When They Treat Artworks as Initial Inspiration, ShanghART Shanghai Bldg.8 (2019); Very Natural Actions, Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong (2019); Night Tour of the Pearl River, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou (2019); Free Panorama - Shenzhen New Media Art Festival 2019, Pingshan Culture Center, Shenzhen (2019); Lin Aojie: Those Who Like Playing Tricks Usually Don’t Live a Good Life, ShanghART Beijing (2019); Emerging Curators Project 2018, Power Station of Art, Shanghai (2018), etc. He was also nominated for the 2016 Art Sanya Huayu Youth Award.

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