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Open Studio
Project Artists' studios, Shanghai
Date: 06.08, 2023 - 07.10, 2023

Artists: LIU Weijian 刘唯艰 |  LIU Yue 刘月 |  SUN Xun 孙逊 |  WU Yiming 邬一名 |  ZHANG Ding 张鼎 | 

"Open Studio" is a parallel project born from the current ShanghART Shanghai theme exhibition "Daily Pursuit", which will go beyond the exhibition's physical space and continue observing the daily work of more artists in their studio. The project invites the audience to enter the studio and get a glimpse of the artist's unique spiritual core and creative method.

In recent project activities, we will visit the studios of five artists in Shanghai: in addition to Liu Yue and Zhang Ding, who were featured in the exhibition, the audience will also explore the work sites of artists Wu Yiming, Sun Xun, and Liu Weijian.

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Open Studio - Parallel Project of "Daily Pursuit" | ShanghART WeChat

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