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b. 1981, works and lives in Shanghai
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Acrylic on canvas

Current And Upcoming Exhibitions:
Days after Days after Days, ShanghART Singapore, Singapore, 04.21, 2023 - 06.18, 2023
Beyond 2003-2023, Mingyuan Art Museum, Shanghai, 05.06, 2023 - 06.11, 2023
Mending the Sky, ShanghART M50, Shanghai, 05.06, 2023 - 07.08, 2023
Open Studio, Artists' studios, Shanghai, 06.08, 2023 - 07.10, 2023


Liu Weijian (b.1981) lives and works in Shanghai. He graduated from Shanghai Normal University of Art (2005).

Liu Weijian has defined his cold and recondite way of “social narration” through his early works: he wears a cold neutral “image” mask and takes it as the root of his “conceptual painting”. With his cold touch and melancholy feelings, Liu Weijian's work deals with many of the current issues he and his contemporaries think about daily and creates a feeling of constant movement and of unfinished business.

After that, the ever-changeful themes and painting styles are the self-evolution with the increase of ages, expansion of horizons, and the changes of social experiences of Liu Weijian. “Every once a while I will go to some places, somewhere nothing special, no particular choice, just like the randomness of life…endless walking makes me get closer to the conception between ‘people’ and ‘me’.” In this highly symbolism tour, painting is the ideal way to express his self-cognition-seeking journey, and his works are the rebuild of different memory fragments.

Recent solo exhibitions include Liu Weijian: The Stage With Light, Art Museum of Guangming Culture and Art Center, Shenzhen (2022); On The Way, Barn for Contemporary Art, Shenzhen (2018); I Love You, Shanghart Beijing (2015); Liu Weijian: Under the Sun, ShanghART H-Space, Shanghai (2014); The Idea Before Sunrise, Galería Yusto, Giner, Malaga, Spain (2012); Liu Weijian: Farewell my Country, Gallery Louis Vuitton Maison, Hong Kong (2011); Liu Weijian: Antenna, ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai (2010); Liu Weijian: The Call of Crowns, BizArt Art Center, Shanghai (2007), etc.


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