ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

Work No. 3
Mixed Wood

“Wood and City” form the basic elements of installations produced by PU Jie for already more than 10 years. The artist uses small square pieces of wood to create urban images: A series of installations that imitates cities and buildings, made up of a large number of woodblocks segmented by machine and differ slightly with each other, to conveys his concept about the gradually formated social life of human being. In Work No. 2 and Work No. 3, PU Jie modeled a set of buildings all possessing human images, where the individual deprived of personality establishes a collective image of rich and symbolic meaning. Judged from the dynamics of the pieces, Work No. 2 can be seen as a symbol of authority, while Work No. 3 possibly obedience.

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