ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

The Earthly Men
single-channel animation
5 minutes 40 seconds
Edition of 6 + 2AP

What is an earthly man? A flowing duckweed? A man without name or race?

Or someone lonely and unlike you?

——The person is you.

Flowing on a movable space at sea, lost between the edge of fiction and reality, seeking hopelessly for oneself...

We are unwilling to face the real world, which reflects our insignificance. We struggle fiercely to deplete ourselves for some kind of illusion, and to bend ourselves out of shape to escape into a twisted experience of the world.

If one insist on avoiding parts of himself, especially the ugly parts, he’ll eventually become hypocritical, while his true self becomes alienated.

Under those conditions, one will not correct his faults and negligence.

Instead, he’ll twist his nature, and appear further and further away from the truth within.

Detail pictures:

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