ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊

The Half Hitching Post
Single-channel film
DV shooting, music by Wang Wenwei
7 minutes
Edition of 10 + 2AP

A beautiful panoramic landscape sets the scene for the narrative of “The Half Hitching Post”. Here, we see only fragments of two stories taking place simultaneously: Two different couples are being witnesses in their attempt to ascend a mountain on a sloped and steep road. The viewer is left unaware of the couple’s ultimate goal as they compete on reaching their destination. Focusing on the journey up-wards the shifting perspective of the camera depicts the mutual hindrances engaged by the couples to sabotage their opponent’s success on reaching their ?nal destination. Juxtaposing the race towards the top with the tranquility of the surrounding landscape lends the video a poetic vibe all its own.

An Sai, Shanbei,
An isolated village on the Loess Plateau, Northern China.
Two young outsiders are moving in,
While two young locals are struggling to escape.
Comes into view a donkey full of luggage,
Comes also into view a young couple,
He carries her on a bike...
4m screen, own room, 40-50m2, walls 70% black

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