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21 KE (21 GRAMS)


People keep questioning the history, however, when history is put away from an actual second, a minute, an hour, a day, a year, a century, a 100% actual specific instead of time, the answer we get is never more true or more exciting than questioning.  People's understanding of the world is always changing in vain…We, all of us, fall into a trance and wander around; we feel embarrassed to have no fixed abode, but we can do nothing about it. Each of us is a vagabond, wandering around the edge of the world.

History has abandoned time, and we have lost our souls…
This world has no specific time, we live in vanity. This is a confusing world. There's no law, no rule, and the lie dominates everything. There's lying and being lied to only.
I, once was a great fortune teller.

Today, I am a magician, wearing a black high top hat and tuxedo, a professional liar! I make a living by deceiving. People are willing to buy lies from me! Lies here are like mental drugs. When an actual promise is broken once and again, lies can always make it up and turn everything to be confusing yet magnificent. People are obsessed with beautiful illusions…Smiling…

Telling a lie is morally condemned everywhere, but a magician is the only exception. A lie is the only system, an effective one, because the truth has never existed. No one knows what the truth is, and what standard is it to distinguish the truth? When people feel lost, they mortgage their souls, and pin their hopes on us. In return, we give lies, as they look much more beautiful than the truth…

Yes, magicians are the authority! A lie is the truth! And it's cheap!
The truth is bitter, but the essence of lies can easily make everything great and exalted. We have boundless power, we dominate the world, and we manipulate the universe!
Domination! Kidnapped souls! Magicians are the most revolutionary! Magicians are the most hysterical! Magicians are the ruling class! Everything, including properties and laws of any substance can be changed and must be changed!
Lies are spreading all over the world…it becomes habitual to believe in or reject to doubt.

A specious world, empty eyes, without boundary…
At the end — cliff and crag, national theatrism!
A group of 'numbers' are displayed in front of a lying machine in order, expression and action seems to be absolutely sincere, touching, and inebriating. However, this machine crazily releases those cold lights; varies with motor tones which can erase people's memories. The illusion of light is trembling at the end of the world, and the happiness is oblivious, everything makes people addicted.
Behind the illusion, it is colorful and gorgeous light, it is rolling, gentlest, and misted.
Smooth walking stick, stifling high top hat, noblest figure, gorgeous cravat, celebration or disaster, everything seems to be natural. A magician's festivity!

This is an empty theatre, with no one.

A telephone, a microscope, a globe, and biology…A leak of our huge system, a parallel order, archeology, anatomy, and violin, are all stage properties in a magician's 'tool box'…


A blocky art gallery, a mended monument, a boring museum, a happy square, a theatre with scarlet curtain hanging, a church with a historical holy cross…we mock them, even a jail is better than these useless buildings.


History is a circle, irregular but relatively standard round. It is full of regrets, and pi is not a true formula anymore; any revolution is a lame compass, keeps turning ungratefully, and ends up with nothing.

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