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Things from the Gallery Warehouse 4

Translator: Sachiel Yuu 2012-02-10

Things from the Gallery Warehouse is a series exhibition programme that ShanghART Gallery has been running over the past four years. "Gallery warehouse", standing as the venue where art pieces are kept with its unique structure and system that differ from these of art museum or art collection, barely enters attention of general public. We therefore select and present to our viewers some of works which are rarely or even never displayed in Shanghai. Yet "these things" either have been shown in some other grand exhibitions or exert profound influences over the evolution of their creators. The series exhibition, for this reason, provides opportunity to reconceived presence of the period that contemporary art has been experiencing, the events that took place, as well as the values embodied in the artworks.

Things from the Gallery Warehouse 4 includes two video works by LI Pinghu, About Light (2006) and Flight Line (2007). Aiming at sarcasm of the status quo ante, the artist planted destruction in advance into his productions. His strength was connected to the timeline of respective works. From visible depletion of physical energy in About Light to explosion of unnoticeable force of indoor installation in Flight Line, both of them spelled in LI's approach the result of individual consciousness waiting in a standardized environment.

What occupies most of the exhibition space is Plant Republic by artist SHI Qing who has previously implemented this project in Guangzhou and Beijing in 2011. A chaotic system which defies any attempts of definition is constructed. Filled with configuration of his works and thematic tastes, this project centres on "wildness", targets at systemized system like parks or botanical gardens and further develops from "plantation" its creative thoughts. Stepping into artistic tribes built up by SHI, one can sense the growth of community in paralleled relationship where multiple individuals co-exist constantly at distance.


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