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Text of Video: '8848-1.86'


Hello, I am Xu Zhen,
I am Chinese.

This is a documentary.
It is a documentary about something that my friends and I did in August 2005.
You can watch us now climbing the highest mountain in the world - Mt. Everest.
it is located in Tibet, China.
It is 8848 meters above sea level.

We finally reached the top!
I am the one waving the national flag,
the two others are my friends.
The small hilltop at the back is Everest.
When I decided to reach the highest pick of the world, it wasn't only for climbing purposes,
but it was to saw off the peak of the mountain,
and to show it to everyone.
I decided to saw off a piece 186cm high,
because it is my height.
To accomplish this,
my friends and I did a lot of preparations.
Including producing tools for sawing.
What people are carrying in the video are those tools.
One of my friends was in charge of filming the sawing process.
As the temperature on the hilltop was -30℃,
it greatly affected the quality of the images,
the wind was also very strong.
We are starting to install the equipment,
and surveying the spot.
This is during the measuring of the height and the width of the hilltop,
determining the spot.
The weather is terribly bad.
My team is completely exhausted.

Equipment is completely installed.
We are about to saw.
This is a historical moment.
We are filling the engine with fuel......
the technical director, engineer Shen, is starting the engine......
the temperature is really low.
It is difficult to start the engine.
the engine is finally working......
the steel chain connected with the engine
starts to move slowly.
The thing moving in the video is the steel chain for sawing.
We are displaying the steel chain at the desired height.
The steel chain moves as the engine works.
The steel chain slowly surrounds the mountain, deeper and deeper,
until the hilltop is sawed.
This technology comes from the navy concept of sawing submarines.
This is engineer Shen.
After two hours,
the hilltop is finally cut off.
The team is dead tired.
Still, the effects of deep altitude don't obstruct the strong will of taking the hilltop away.
We are now talking about the next step of the project.
We want to push the 186 cm high hilltop down the mountain.
As designed, we carved the top at an angle.
Because of the ice and the snow, it has less frictional force.
So, by using simple tools, we are able to move the small hilltop away.
On this shot, It has already moved about 1 meter.
It just has to be moved 6-7 meters to the right for us to push it down.
It moved to the right another meter.
This is engineer Shen displaying the equipment and the pulley on the right in the front of the hilltop.
We are planning to pull away the hilltop instantly.
Engineer Shen is using the pulley.
Under the force of the pulley, the hilltop is slowly moving.
The hilltop is close to the desired spot.
This is me giving the signal to the photographer,
to prepare himself for the dissociation between the hilltop and the mountain.
Do you see?
The hilltop is moving.
Wind and snow are blowing too strongly.
this is the key point,
the team is gathering together.
The hilltop is already at the decided place for its descent.
At that moment, we just have to push the hilltop a little bit,
it will slide down the mountain.
Look! look!
The hilltop slid down.
let’s see that again......
Did you see clearly?
A gigantic object has slid down.
We finally took Everest down.

The team is hailing,
forgetting the effects of the altitude and the horrible weather.
The team is now standing on the Himalayas without Everest.
Under their feet is the flat hilltop.
We can now see in the exhibition space the 186cm high Everest.
Thank you for watching!

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