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Interviews with Zhou Zixi

Author: Biljana Ciric/Huang Yuelin Jan,2006

1. How do you see the responsibility and identity of an artist in real life?Compared with any other identities, artist is not a special case or an honorable title, but a simple occupation. Like all the other legal employments, artist is common yet deserves respect. When it comes to the responsibility, it is a little bit complicated. And I am convinced that apart from the self-entertaining, an artist takes some social responsibilities, especially in some particular moments.  

2. Any remarks on your recent work?I don't quite get to you. There is nothing special in the body of works. Same with my early stuff, these new works constitute another phase of my career. Though I don't know how long it will last, it will come to an end, followed by the next one.

3. Many artists' works are constantly incorporated into yours as ornaments on the wall or decorations. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.There are two points I'd make. First, I pay my tribute to these artists , they are my beloved artists and these are my favored works. They moved me. And I'd like to – what are the words to say – to hold tight their hands in my soul. Second, what use are artworks of? What esle can they do besides serving as the ornaments? You just can't help doubting it. And at least it often makes me so. And it frustrates me.

4. How do you tackle the interior and the exterior? What are their dimensions in your mind?As in your painting, the space may be divided into two with one specifically for a relevant or irrelevant thing, like the consulate. Can you shed some light on this pictorial phenomenon?Maybe that's the way life is. Life can be made up of a variety of unrelated things. But in effect, they share something, something beyond the understanding of an ordinary man like me. Anyway, it doesn't mean there is no connection at all.

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