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Dialogues about Jing Bang


What's the "country" you mean?
The “country" means collection of awareness, or conscious tool which exists for effectiveness of order, like the "Yalta Agreement" made a lot of countries. From this point of view, "country" is the product of human beings' games! This is today's country.
However, the ancient Greece is the country, ancient Rome is the country, ancient Egypt is also the country, and today we become more "Greek civilization" and "Rome civilization" and "Egyptian civilization", this is more to distinguish "human consciousness", "national" is "people"  which refers to "archaeological cultures" . However, in Jing Bang, although "country" has a generally similar style, more important is "people", "Jing Bang" is the "Under heaven"

When was Jing Bang founded?
The country was founded in ancient times, which also referred to (please see the document in the attachment), but normally for public was in Singapore Art Fair.

What is the country's GDP?
Jing Bang is a metaphysical state, people treat wind as entertainment, dew as food.GDP seems like festival fireworks for us, short-lived, mere dross, not essential, not important .

Population total?
Where there was a common ideal, all my race, where my race, mutually love each other devotedly, all the people were in politics, both in geography.

Who are the indigenous people?
They lived under the water and their appearances were the same as people, a pair of eyes in the back, big, protruding and bright. They lived in the sea, just surfacing in night; their back emerged from sea, looked at starry sky and they were feed on starlight. If they absorb starlight once, they could eat anything for a year. No one has seen them before, just the fame spread in the world.

What is the national anthem?
It's serious, we have used a thousand songs as alternative, have been selecting so far.

Can I have dual citizenship?
Of course, we admit not only the dual nationality, the maximum we could admit is ten different nationalities, but worldly difficult to break, the vast majority of the countries in our world have no minds and realm, we admit, but they can't do that.

Is Jing Bang a democracy? Dictatorship? Communistic?
Jing Bang refuses the "concept of democracy" or "dictatorship", both of them are in place and change, "what is the end of democracy?" and "What is the starting point of dictatorship"? Whether "democracy" and "dictatorship" is the process and phenomenon of human evolution and development, they ultimately flowing into the same river, is how we "exist in the world", if the "democracy" and "authoritarian" reduce to political slogans and
excuses or even tools, therefore, they are the same! The same feather!    Jing Bang is stored in the "Beyond-ism", in the life of the specific nuances.

What is the national language?
Jing Bang language is the national language, namely "lies"! "Lie" to express the "real", the effect will be more effective and magic, which can avoid "yes" namely" negative ", but also to avoid the "trap of language ", people need not to perceive the world through language, because" lies are naturally not credible ", so we can directly face the reality. However," ten lies can describe a truth ", our national language" lies "can be said to be efficient and accurate language in the world.

What currency does Jing Bang use?
The currency of Jing Bang is Sigooooooo, because we use tones as a deal in ancient times .

Will Jing Bang come into existence again?
Six weeks later, Jing Bang liked the Soviet Union, which became a part of human history. From this point, Jing Bang has the same important historical meaning as the Soviet Union! But Jing Bang was the same as the Soviet Union, were also found in people's consciousness. And "Jing Bang" was lively and vivid national, she did not exist on political, whether it was correct or not, she was a really freedom country! She was a non-exclusive, with maximum inclusive metaphysical state.

Who is the 'magician'?
The magician is the world's mentor, like alchemist! But in history, they were burn and killed

by ignorant and uncivilized people, afterwards, people's consciousness evolved and they discovered the existent meaning of magicians. The magician can be chartered "lie" to the world to avoid moral condemnation and to commemorate it!  The magician is "The only legitimate liar" in the world, and people can go to a place which alike temples and churches ---- "theatre" to buy lies from magician, in order to forgive human beings who committed crimes in the history!

How many seasons are there in Jing Bang?
Jing Bang's timing is different from the secular, has unique timing rules
One split second is a thought, twenty thoughts combines to one moment, twenty moments make a filliping, twenty fillipings form a lava, twenty lavas equal to an instant, one day and night consists of thirty instants. Therefore, one day and night has 86,400 seconds, thus, an instant equals to 2,880 seconds, a fillping equals to 7.2 seconds, a moment equals to 0.36 seconds, however, one split second is only 0.018 second.
In Jing Bang, every split second is a season. To compare the season with heart, it snows suddenly, then brows the wind of autumn, soon after which comes the frost. The universe starts from the heart, as well as the vague season that related with the mood .

Where is Jing Bang? Who are its neighbours?
Jing Bang is located in Singapore. ( Here, Singapore as a dominant world "country", the truth is that the conception of geopolitics countries are fake, these so-called national borders are temporary and artificially designed, like "North Korea "and" Korea "or former" West Germany" and " East Germany ". In fact, in this world, a set of" national "system has been stretching for thousands of years, it is true, the" United Nations "in order to lull people to administer political system, to hide this system purposely, and all countries' government secretly reach consistent, whether friendly or hostile, even war, at this point, they can comply with the common contract, hiding the true" state " commonly.)
There are many countries surrounding Jing Bang, such as Lansylier, South Golden, Biggest Stone, Unautumn, Siyuland, Black Land, Sun Forever Land, Harji, Cujikula, Tongkoshiga, Elephland, Sky Land, Sun, Lingphocor, Fuslysia and so on.

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