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b. 1977, works and lives in Beijing
8×10 Polaroid Emulsion Lift, Acid-free Paper, G18k Nail
36(H)*30*7cm | IMAGE 26.1*21.4cm

Can images be stored? Can they be deleted? All images shape shift in changing conditions. They could not stay the same through time; they continue to be corrected and twisted but could never be diminished. Their disappearances are disguises for their new existence.

The artist peel away the skin of an image, and transfer it into another dimension. In this unstable transference, a new and unique work takes shape. Jiang Pengyi, on one hand, uses photographic techniques to explore the practice of painting with light, and on the other hand, breaks free from the stereotypical concept and methods of photography to make it more free and versatile.

Religious images has always been a “medium” through which people converse with their gods within language and time; they enduringly resonate with people’s pain, confessions and prayers. As the artist captures these images and transfers them, the images go through another “materialisation”, another “crucifixion”. The “Medium” series is a new exploration of images that sculptures the de-essentialisation of symbols.

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