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b. 1975, works and lives in Bangkok, Thailand
multi-channel video
5-channel video filmed in 35mm film telecine into digital FHD video
5-channel video, timing variable  | Front 4 minutes 8 seconds | Left 4 minutes 10 seconds | Right 3 minutes 56 seconds | Back 4 minutes 10 seconds | Panning 4 minutes 7 seconds
Edition of 3 + 1AP

The multi-screen black and white 35mm film installation responds to the identity recognition of exiting of we know in multiple lettering of LGBTQ+. What is the gender that appear different from sexes in this kind of formulation? There are seen as ways in which we construct our sexual relationship to the sexual division or difference which in turn is often to reduce to a merge of the biological or anatomical division this is very often paradoxical with respective naturalization of masculinity and femininity that then appear them sometimes within the definitions of genders. A person who was born biological masculinity and later transform himself into femininity biological appearance. LGBTQ+ is that identities are formed by way of externalizing the difference that always starts by barring them from within. This installation deal in paradoxical of different in space within relationships. An exhibition space where lies between the viewers, the space beyond the exhibition space in reality and the space in the art which occupied by a nude body of female transgender on the screen. The relationship between spaces deal with the principle of the normative order stands on this biological difference of masculinity and femininity. The image of a female with a penis stands intolerant of heterosexuality binary world.

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