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b. 1963, works and lives in Shanghai
Display size 30(H)*400*110cm (in 4 pieces) | 30*97*113cm | 30*52*46.5cm | 30*105*93cm | 30*71*122cm
Edition of 3 + 2AP

The idea for 2020 New "Abstract" Typeface Study came from a way of thinking that the pathogen "COVID-19" gave me. : This term, which is considered a "defect" by social systems, bypassed all the different ideologies that had been devised by human beings, and easily disintegrated the grammar that each had set up, disconnecting and closing up each other. I realized that this word of "defect" was like a key to a method that inspired me to base my thinking and practice on the level of the character and the word, and this level of research is used to respond to and give shape to the new reality of 2020 that we have to face: open up the "perfect" structure of the characters and the words, and change them. By the two acts of "splitting" (deconstructing) and "closing" (reconstructing), the original meaning is dismantled and the semantic meaning is reversed! The reality is reproduced in the form of words that close each other up!

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