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b. 1968, works and lives in Shanghai

Lu Chunsheng's film, The First Man Who Bought a Juicer Bought It Not for Drinking Juice, mixes documentary and fantasy to theatrical effect. The characters in the film are both human and mechanical, and represent the consequences of the globalised era in their repetition of senseless acts. Orson Welles' fictional account of an alien invasion in The War of the Worlds which was mistaken for a real news item, is the impetus for the film. It illustrates the influence of technology, mass media and the power of fear.
The two protagonists in the film are a reaper machine, used for harvesting grain, which is given Frankenstein-like characteristics, and a mechanic who cares for and repairs it. The film casts a relationship between man and machine in which humanity is denigrated to serve an alien species born from its own hands.

The First Man Who Bought a Juicer Bought it Not For Drinking Juice is the clunky name of Lu Chunsheng's 27-minute film, which features a grain reaper in place of a kitchen appliance.

By combining documentary and fantasy, he demonstrates how a machine can come to wield a terrifying alien power over its creator, in this case a mechanic.

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