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b. 1977, works and lives in Shanghai

Huang Kui edited several online pornographic photos by stretching and blurring some sensitive parts before folding them up and exhibiting them almost in the way they used to be. Pretty Woman is also entitled Discount Woman: discount is here precisely the main feature of these pretty women. Discount (Da Zhe in Chinese) is a word game, that can both be interpreted as a simple action like folding (Zhe Die in Chinese) and an economic situation such as an actual discount (Da Zhe in Chinese). Also it triggers a pondering from image to value: What exactly is our standard of value? What is undermining the existing value? Under the double standards of morals and economy, the value of the world is complicated, conflicting and hard to rebuild. Discounted pretty women by the artist are simply beautiful women.
In October 2005, Pretty Woman was displayed in Rumor Decor Art Exhibition in DDM, Shanghai. In 2007, it was exhibited in China on Paper Contemporary Art Exhibition in New York.

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