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b. 1971, works and lives in Hangzhou
colour inkjet print
Archival inkjet print, mounted on aluminium composite panel
Edition of 8 + 1AP

In narrow sense, the photo work"Dusk of Mr. Chen" by Chen Xiaoyun is telling his own state. In broad sense, the work conveys the state of intellectuals. They are anxious, confused, overwhelmed by the pressure, and constantly frustrated.
"Fortune of the Kingdom "and "central bank" can be understood as the paradoxical antagonism between personal desires and state interests.
Basic on the above concepts, a series photography work including "Dusk of Mr. Chen", "Fortune of the Kingdom" and "Central Bank", extends to embody the ideology of entire society.

Poetic narration can be identified all the time in CHEN Xiaoyun’s art, where the structure of his images is woven by sentimental thinking and the form that bridges the world of reality is achieved by fragments obtained from personalized perception. Usually initiating from the overlapping, refinement and abstraction of a title, a line or a simple behaviour, his work drags the world we know to be even crazier and more ridiculous or sometimes emptier and more hesitating. Dusk of Mr. Chen is a hybrid of the artist’s intuition and illusion. Here, the inexplicable space builds up a misconception of the scenario. The scene of a man crawling and hiding his head into mud seems alluding to a restrained lust over the boundary between surrealistic world and dream.

Detail pictures:

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