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b. 1962, works and lives in Shanghai

"Crosses" can be found as a trademark throughout DING Yi's works. During discourse of his exploration into aesthetics of abstract art, the artist constructs a system characterised by preciseness and conciseness. Constantly over two decades so far, he has been dedicated to his creational performance through recurrence of "crosses" and their appearances.

From 10 December 2011 to 29 January 2012, Flashing (Appearance of Crosses - Light) was displayed in Specific•Abstracted, DING Yi Solo Exhibition in Minsheng Art Museum (Shanghai), where the LED light installations (6m x 6m each) of eight "crosses" were fixed on its façade. Released from dimension of canvas, the "crosses" extended calmly and collectedly on the wall of the museum in a language of architecture. From the very centre of the "cross" to the extremities of its arms, the installation is programmed to light up in five phases: One phase each time, it is flashing for four seconds after maximum brightness, before all is blacking out and the same pattern is repeated. Behind changing process of the "small cross" growing into a full-sized one, lies development and expansion driven by accumulated forces, which finally ends up with an overburden or overflow of power, signalised by unsteady and rapid flashing. "Unsteady flickering" and "smooth extension" mark exactly the interpretation of "crosses" in this light installation.

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