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b. 1962

Many people exercised the broadcast callisthenics. This series refer to the form of the wall chart of broadcast callisthenics. But here the mechanic explanation couldn’t be viewed as serious. Then what’s the meaning of how to teach the others to practice those daily behaviors? The sarcastic and naughty expression caters for everyone. The artist implied that once the basic behavior is being “culturalized,” then those basic instincts are lost.

Explanation of the work image:
Eight Steps
Preparing gesture: Peaceful
1.Contract the risible muscle of both sides to pull the corners of the mouth. Lift the zygomaticus and musculi quadratus labii superioris. (inclined top) Open the mouth and close the eyes slightly.
2.Drop the jaw and close the eyes.  
3.Drop the jaw to the lowest position. Lift the zygomaticus and musculi quadratus labii superioris to compress the orbicular muscle of eyes. Lift the corrugator to compress the frontalis. Open the mouth wide and lean the head backwards a bit.  
4.Prepare to lower the head.
5.Lift the jaw. Relax the zygomaticus, musculi quadratus labii superioris, and corrugator. Put the head back to its initial position.
6.Open the eyes slowly. Relax the risible muscle and close the mouth.
7.Repeat the first instruction.
Requirement: Act naturally and consistently.
1.Avoid subtle movements between each step.
2.Act precisely and sufficiently.

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