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b. 1972, works and lives in Beijing
Aluminum Electroplating, Sleeper, Machine Oil

Lu Lei has a paradise plan, and the work 'Like the other side’ is part of the plan and based on fountain. The whole installation is like a paradise been cut off and placed on crosstie stand. The work adopted a traditional Buddhism graphic, and he designed to have black oil spew out from these four animals' bottom. Because he wants to strengthen the atmosphere which is the public recreation facilities always been shadowed by industries, and the industrial environment normally hide behind these facilities. The dinginess, the smell and the noise, these are the enemies of producing happiness. Therefore, He has an assumption to comply by the work he presented, which is the conflict between the joy and the perception outside of pictures whether creating another kind of strength.

Every different group of people has their own ‘paradise’ exiting in their mind, it could be a garage, could be a hospital, and could also be an abandoned corner. These places recorded their own smell, atmosphere, texture, element and emotion, the creation will change by the different neighbor environment. A cut off ‘paradise’, is like a fountain wait to be repair. The installation applied an amount of industry related materials which against the purpose of letting paradise producing happiness. The oil been spewed out represents the dirty and smelly substances instead of oil it self, when these kind of substances interact with happy, harmonious image, it seems will create a paradise that happened in the other side rather than reality.

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