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b. 1959, works and lives in Shanghai
single-channel video
1 minute 38 seconds

Originally, I attempted to make some videos. I had previously adapted the film Street Angel, wondering how it could be in memorial of actor Zhao Dan and actress Zhou Xuan by presenting the lifetime of them (remain unfinished so far). Accidentally, my idea of time was thus drawn from this process. I bought a camera and stood in front of Shanghai Museum one day. I pressed the shutter every three minutes, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. It started as time-lapse photography, but somehow I thought it was too conventional. Later, these over a hundred photos were jointed together by Photoshop, which took much work. Apparently, such recording is seemingly objective and strict, but anything happened within the three minutes is actually missed. People in distant view are covered because of overlapping. It is just like a paradox, with a sense of humour. They are strict but incomplete statistics.

At the end of 2014, when I was moving my studio, a beam of sunlight came through the window falling into the empty studio. That was the beginning of Easy Come Easy Go. The video is not especially made for any exhibition. I just wanted to explore the idea of time. Smart people always come up with brilliant ideas. That is called inspiration. But I always turn into a forked road while I am making art, and try to develop those unexpected ideas. And often, it becomes a mess in the end and is totally different from my attempt. However, it is usually how it works. I want to continue my Time series in the future. But at present, I don’t have any space to do it.

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