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b. 1969, works and lives in Surakarta, Indonesia
2013 (Year of Documentation)
Single-channel video
4:3, stereo audio
Performance Video
18 minutes 14 seconds
Edition of 5 + 2AP

“The Dust” is a performance with an iron and brass bed and 200 grams of gold pigment. The artist drags, pushes, sits on and next to this bed, smearing the pigment on her forehead and scattering it in the space around her. Resting yet forever restless, the work presents a state of dislocation and discomfort with the one thing that is supposed to give us rest – the bed.

History is written by the victors and only remembers the victors. While the adage may ring true, history also makes people into victors. Reality presents a multitude of minor agitations that, on the outset, seem easy to erase and hide. But the small cover-ups on the political stage do cumulate into a larger problem. The semblance of a majority voice and the effectual suppression of the ‘minority’ voices results in the eradication of a plural society. The uncomfortable citizen has nowhere to go, nowhere to hide and unsure of what needs to be hidden. There is no resting place.

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