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b. 1963, works and lives in Shanghai
single-channel video
Transparent film, low frequency speaker, metal fittings, amplifier, sound mixer
4 minutes 49 seconds
Edition of 3

The video part of QQ’s fantasy is composed of alternating images of a dog-like stooping body and an architectural dome under the starry sky. By switching these pictures continuously, the performance of the body is expressed through a series of illusory actions that grows increasingly intense until consciousness is regained by falling.

In terms of the presentation of the installation, the video is projected on a thin white film while sound is spread through the bass amplifier affixed to the film. Here the concrete sound that follows the rhythm of the physical performance is intentionally overlapped with an illusory performance that is detached from any other objects in the video. They together express a circumstance where desire can only be met by solacing Karaoke style pleasure, which can be both related and unrelated to the reality.

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