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Hipic (2007)
2007 ~ 2008
flatscreen, framed, internet conntection
screen 105(H)*126(W)*20cm
Edition of 5

HIPIC is an art project that takes digital images as its core. It was created on 4th Sep. 2007, and relies on recycling from Internet as well as displaying images to remain its life. Every time the user uploads a picture, HIPIC grows one extra minute. HIPIC uses its unique network uploading and displaying system to recycle and reuse the excessive image resources. It converts the flooding of images into linear time and shows to us. It transforms a mass of images into time by repeatly playing them once per minute. In this way, one day equals to 1440 minutes and 1440 pictures; one year equals to 365 days and 525600 pictures. The project tries to reactivate and create these zero utilization rate images which have kept silent for a long time in hard-disks or on internet, or sealed up in one’s memory, and is committed to develop the internal residual values to show the public in the way of art.

At the beginning of launching HIPIC, more than 300,000 digital images were raised from nearly 100 contemporary artists across the country as the starting resouces. After that, the project has survived for 5 years till 2012, relying on anonymous images uploaded by internet users.

The specially made collection screen of HIPIC, besides over 300,000 images provided by artists which were all collected, has also gathered more than 200,000 images uploaded by anonymous net users. These 557,280 images which stored in the HIPIC collection screen, ensure the screen would still display one image per minute for one year, and in a continued and nonrecurring way to show. Since then, it would also continuously repeat in cycle.

No matter how the online version of HIPIC restarts in the future, as long as the HIPIC collection screen is connected to Internet, it is still able to synchronize automatically with the online version of HIPIC in real time.

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